Appointments with us

In order to provide you with our services in germany as close as possible to where you live we hold consultation sessions in the following towns and cities.

Select the place most convenient for you and single-click it. You will then find information about the possible dates on which we shall be in your preferred place and can manufacture a new ocular prosthesis for you.

Unless specific consultation times are indicated alongside the address you have selected, you can reach us at the respective place right through from 8:00 AM till 3:00PM.

Versbacher Str. 183 . 97078 Würzburg . Telefon (0931) 24825 . Telefax (0931) 22653
E-Mail: infoataugenkuenstler [dot] de .

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Versbacher Str. 183 . 97078 Würzburg
Telefon (0931) 24825 . Telefax:(0931) 22653
E-Mail: infoataugenkuenstler [dot] de