Künstliche Augen Hellbach

Künstliche Augen Hellbach was founded in 1921 by Hermann Hellbach for the manufacture of ocular prostheses in Lauscha in the eastern German state of Thüringen.

As family-owned and run company, he and his son Fritz were already holding consultation sessions from 1928 onwards in various cities in the federal states of Bavaria (including Würzburg), Hesse, Thüringen and Saxony for the purposes of on-the-spot manufacture of ocular prostheses.

After the death of the company’s founder, son Fritz Hellbach took over his father’s business in his capacity as master craftsman for ocular prostheses.

This activity was then put at risk by an occupational ban on private companies in the then Soviet occupation zone.
Dr. Löffler, lord mayor of Würzburg, suggested the company’s relocation to Würzburg as early as of 1947, a proposal which also gained the firm support of the university eye clinics in Würzburg and Erlangen. The outcome was that the company has been headquartered in Würzburg since 1951.

The following years saw the company expand its travel activities in the interests of enabling service for customers as close as possible to where they live.
Today, our company holds consultation sessions in 30 cities throughout Germany and in further cities outside the country.

Bernd Hellbach, likewise a state certified master craftsman for ocular prostheses, has been at the helm of the business since 1980. The fourth generation in the form of the two sons stands ready to continue the company’s success story.

It goes without saying that we have official accreditation with all relevant health insurance funds and cost-bearers.

From the very beginning we have been committed to our objective of being a reliable partner for and providing our customers with comprehensive service and advice on all matters relating to ocular prostheses.
With this in mind, we regularly take part in advanced training to expand our specialist knowledge and guarantee state-of-the-art products and service, besides which we maintain constant and close contact with eye clinics and specialists.

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Versbacher Str. 183 . 97078 Würzburg
Telefon +49 (0)931-24825 . Telefax:+49 (0)931-22653
E-Mail: infoataugenkuenstler [dot] de