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Our service for clinics

Exclusively for clinics we offer further types of prosthesis for the care of your patients besides the postoperative manufacture of custom ocular prostheses.

On klinikanfrage [at] (subject: Clinic%20request) (request) we can manufacture the following for you:

  • A variety of interim prostheses for initial postoperative care following enucleation or after reconstructive operations
  • Conformers for children with congenital anophthalmia or microphthalmia
  • Ocular prostheses for the manufacture of epitheses

We shall be pleased to submit an individual quotation.

Please do not hesitate to simply send us a anfrage-reiseplaene [at] (subject: Request%20for%20further%20travel%20plans) (corresponding request) if you should require further printed copies of our itinerary for putting on display or distribution to your patients.

Versbacher Str. 183 . 97078 Würzburg . Telefon (0931) 24825 . Telefax (0931) 22653
E-Mail: infoataugenkuenstler [dot] de .

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Versbacher Str. 183 . 97078 Würzburg
Telefon (0931) 24825 . Telefax:(0931) 22653
E-Mail: infoataugenkuenstler [dot] de