Your questions

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A number of questions are certain to spring to mind which have not yet been addressed.

We have therefore compiled some further information for you under the five following subheadings.

This will give you answers to the most frequently asked questions, explain the meaning of specialist and technical terms and provide you with tips on the handling and care of ocular prostheses.

You will also find a selection of addresses of various eye clinics.

Versbacher Str. 183 . 97078 Würzburg . Telefon +49 (0)931-24825 . Telefax +49 (0)931-22653
E-Mail: infoataugenkuenstler [dot] de .

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Versbacher Str. 183 . 97078 Würzburg
Telefon +49 (0)931-24825 . Telefax:+49 (0)931-22653
E-Mail: infoataugenkuenstler [dot] de