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Specialist terms

Not everyone is well versed in the terminology used by an ocularist, so we have compiled a list of the most important specialist terms and sorted them in alphabetical order for your convenience.


primary: the total absence of one or both eyeballs from birth or following the removal of the bulbus oculi

secondary: Degeneration of the eyeball


A wasting or decrease in size of organs or parts thereof

Bulbus (Bulbus oculi)



Dummy -> provisional ocular prosthesis

Cryolyte glass

Special glass for the manufacture of ocular prostheses

Enucleation (enucleatio bulbi)

Removal of the eye due to medical indication


Facial prosthesis -> Reproduction of the eye area with incorporated ocular prosthesis

Interim prosthesis

Dummy -> provisional ocular prosthesis


Congenital smallness of one or both eyeballs


Eye socket

Phthisis bulbi

Atrophy of the eyeball with disorganization and shrinkage


after the operation


before the operation

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