Who we are

v.l.n.r.: Andreas Hellbach, Bernd Hellbach, Michael Hellbach

First let us briefly introduce ourselves to give you an insight into who we are.

We have been producing custom-made ocular prostheses as a family-owned and run company, now in the fourth generation, since 1921.

We are a state certified master craftsman’s business, and from the very beginning have been committed to being a reliable partner for and providing our customers with comprehensive service and advice on all matters relating to ocular prostheses.

With this in mind, we regularly take part in advanced training to expand our specialist knowledge and guarantee state-of-the-art products and service, besides which we maintain constant and close contact with eye clinics and specialists.

Versbacher Str. 183 . 97078 Würzburg . Telefon +49 (0)931-24825 . Telefax +49 (0)931-22653
E-Mail: infoataugenkuenstler [dot] de . www.augenkuenstler.de

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Versbacher Str. 183 . 97078 Würzburg
Telefon +49 (0)931-24825 . Telefax:+49 (0)931-22653
E-Mail: infoataugenkuenstler [dot] de